Best black and white printers


A black-and-white printer might help you save money if your company prints out loads of papers that don’t need to be in color. As you only need to purchase black ink or toner to print in monochrome, they will be less expensive up front, and their operating costs are typically reduced as well.

You need four color toner cartridges in order to print a color page, and they are more expensive than black toner cartridges. A printed color image uses far more toner than a monochrome image because black and white images rely heavily on the white space of the page to create the image.

Black-and-white printers are once again a fantastic option if speed is vital, as they are frequently faster than color printers. Black-and-white-only inkjet printers are becoming more prevalent, providing a less expensive option to laser printers. On this page, you may also find a variety of outstanding monochrome laser printers, which are still quite popular with businesses and have fast print speeds.

Best blank and white printers

  1. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw

This HP model is suitable if what you need is a dependable multi-function black-and-white printer that can accomplish almost anything you require. It contains a convenient touchscreen that works really well for getting the results you need, a built-in scanner, and it will print page after page at a respectable rate and with excellent clarity.

Also, wonderful software is available for your phone or computer to make your life even simpler. Amazingly, if you need to converse with someone from the Stone Age, it will also work as a fax machine.

  • HP LaserJet Pro M501dn (J8H61A)

Put impressive print speeds and performance to work in your office. This energy-saving printer starts faster and delivers security features to help guard against threats. Original HP toner cartridges with Jet Intelligence produce more pages. 

Stay ahead of schedule with the fastest first page out of sleep mode. This compact, quiet printer outperforms the competition on energy efficiency and delivers ultra-fast two-sided printing.

  •  Epson TM-T70II 

Epson TM-T70II (032). Print technology: Thermal Type: POS printer; maximum resolution: 180 x 180 DPI. Maximum roll diameter: 8.3 cm; supported paper width: 80 mm. Connectivity technology: wired; USB connector: USB Type-B, standard interfaces: serial. 

The TM-T70II is a reliable thermal receipt printer that can be fully operated from the front, thanks to its front paper loading. With a small footprint and accessible button controls, it conveniently sits under your counter, while its fast 250 mm per second print speed and margin-less printing allow you to serve your customers quickly—without having to replace paper rolls quite so often.

  •  HP LaserJet Pro M404

The HP LaserJet Pro M404 printer is designed to let you focus your time where it’s most effective—helping to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.
Work teams excel with HP’s black-and-white office LaserJet printers, which pack extra punch with high-quality results, extra power, and more features.
This printer is intended to work only with cartridges that have a new or reused HP chip, and it uses dynamic security measures to block cartridges using a non-HP chip. Periodic firmware updates will maintain the effectiveness of these measures and block cartridges that previously worked. A reused HP chip enables the use of reused, remanufactured, and refilled cartridges.

  •  HP LaserJet Pro M15w

The tiniest and lightest black-and-white printer we could locate is also the cheapest; nevertheless, these are pretty much the only positives for this small HP. Given that it only prints at a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 DPI and takes its time, with a maximum output of 20 pages per minute, this is probably going to be a tough pass if you value sharp, high-quality prints.

Having said that, this LaserJet is a wonderful steal if all you need is a compact printer for the occasional letter; just don’t expect miracles from it.

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