Make the Idea a reality

Every great big idea starts with a burst of inspiration that generates a flow of tantalizing feelings that bubble to the surface and stimulates every cell in your body into action. The first few days you are on a roll, making your dreams reality one step at a time to make it happen. Knowing achievement is ahead on the horizon.

However, as everyday stress and obligations take over, making us aware of the distance to our horizon, we disconnect from what we want.  It feels like the obstacles to make your big idea happen are insurmountable.  Doing the laundry and cooking dinner become the priority, and our big idea gets smothered under the weight of our responsibilities, demands, and chaos yet again.  But, does it need to be that way?

How to Make Your Dreams Reality in 3 Steps

Now you may be asking yourself, how do I do that.  And here’s how:

  1. Set your intention. Be very clear about your big idea, the vision you want to bring into your reality is the first step.  Don’t say I want to make more money, know how much more money you want to make. Don’t say you want to create a successful business, define what success means.  Don’t say you want to be healthy and lose weight, know what being healthy means to you and how much weight you want to release and by when. Know what your big ideas look like specifically so you can manifest them into your reality more easily. 
  2. Plan your action. With clarity, you can start to plan each step it will take to make your dream a reality. However, don’t just plan it all out without looking at the plan. Your plan is a living course of action that will change over time. As you move from one step to another, you will gain more clarity about what you want, making it necessary to adjust the plan.  Revising your plan is key to successfully using your plan to make your dream a reality.
  3. Work your plan. After you have your plan, start. Focus only on the first step, and then the next. Don’t think about all the things you must buy, do, and learn to achieve what you want.  Just take on the next thing.  Proceed one step at a time tapped into your inspiration and patience. It’s when we look at all the work that we need to get done that chaos and challenge sets in and becomes a problem.  When we focus on these things, we build resistance and kill our inspiration which keeps us from manifesting our true desires.

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