5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Printer in Good Working Condition

Printer(s) plays an important role in your office and or home based business. Because of this essential role, printer care and maintenance is imperative to ensure your printer will last to its optimal lifespan. Here are a few tips to keep in mind;

1. USE PRINTER REGULARLY: If you don’t use your printer regularly, the ink cartridge can dry up and cause various challenges for your business or home based office. If you don’t need to print often, consider using a laser printer. Laser printers use heat to fuse the powder onto paper which means the powder in the cartridge cannot dry up.

2. REPLACE CARTRIDGES: Refilling your ink cartridges is an important aspect of printer’s proper functioning. Just because refill cartridges are expensive, people tend to purchase cheaper ink and spoil the printer and the printout quality. So, always go for purchasing branded and best-in-quality cartridges that keep your printer in good condition and your printouts as well. Another thing to consider is the time for refilling. Don’t wait for the ink to dry out completely. Once the printer notifies you of the dropped level of cartridges, refill them. Printer head is likely to get damaged with dried cartridges. Also, make sure to read the instructions before replacing the cartridges.

3. KEEP PRINTER CLEAN AND DUST FREE: Dust your printer off once in a while. Dust and dirt can easily get into the smaller parts of your printer. Dust off your printer with a clean soft cloth or by using a mild alcohol cleaning solution. If you don’t use your printer regularly consider covering it up to prevent dust and dirt getting into it.

4. LATEST DRIVERS AND SOFTWARE FOR INSTALLATION: Another simple tip to keep your printer in good working condition is by installing latest drivers and software. This will help you keep your printer in a good working condition. If the software is out-of-date, your printer might fail to give you desired results.

5. PREVENT PRINTER BREAK DOWN: High standard printing is an essential part of a successful business that is why maintaining your printer performance is important. Any machine irrelevant of which model it is can break down if you don’t take proper care of it especially when using an inkjet printer.

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