Computer Graphics Card History

A graphics card is a piece of hardware that is installed in a computer and responsible for rendering images on display or monitor of the computer. Graphics card are available for different purposes under various price range. It may be interesting to learn history of computer graphics card and the way it has evolved over time.

Early Days
The form of graphics card we use today was first used in 1940s by military of United States. They used it in SAGE computer system that was used as a flight simulator. During this time, computers could only display 256 colors in any graphic. Computer graphics was primarily used in desktop publishing software for creating newsletters, simple images and advertisements.

PC Video Games and VGA
IBM introduced the concept of personal computers and began its selling from 1981. Video game arcade got a boost with spread of personal computers. Serious researches in the field of computer graphics began to support this growing demand and invent new products.

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